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Composition and working principle of automatic hydraulic metal circular saw

Time:2020-07-22 13:48:19

The circular saw machine uses a circular saw blade to cut metal materials such as solid round bars, thick-walled tubes, and thin-walled tubes. Because the existing circular saw blade cutting machine cuts, on the one hand, the surface of the metal material is prone to burrs and flashes. Affects the smoothness of the cutting surface and the accuracy of the saw blade; on the other hand, traditional circular saws have large cutting vibrations and use semi-automatic manual feeding, and when cutting workpieces of different cross-sections and lengths, different cutting machines are required to cut, and the processing efficiency Very low and cannot meet market demand.

The automatic hydraulic metal circular saw is composed of a frame, a feeding device, a clamping device, a knife feeding device and PLC industrial control electrical appliances; the clamping device is located at one end of the feeding device, and the knife feeding device is located on the upper side of the clamping device , PLC industrial control electrical appliances are connected with the feeding device, clamping device and knife feeding device; the feeding device includes a feeding base, a feeding sliding frame set on the feeding base and a hydraulic station system that controls the feeding base; the feeding base is also fixed with a fixed Ruler rod; the feed device is controlled by a machine head. The machine head adopts a combination of multiple sets of helical gears and is driven by a synchronous belt wheel to output multiple speeds. The driven shaft of the helical gear in the machine head is equipped with imported hydraulic brakes and brakes. The plate and the machine head are also connected with a knife feed cylinder and a cutting motor; the utility model has a strong structure, strong rigidity, and low vibration. The feeding sliding frame can be suitable for batch sawing of fixed-length workpieces with safe use, simple operation and centralized. Easy to maintain.



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